But the Dream Is Still Alive
But the Dream is Still Alive Sculpture This bas relief sculpture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was the result of a serendipitous accident. I was experimenting with a new casting process at the foundry and I had a Hydrostone piece locked in a resin sand mold. It wouldn't release so I hit it with a sledge hammer and this is what I saw when it opened... better than anything I could have planned.

The original is not for sale, however I am accepting reservations for a limited edition of 10, to be cast in bronze.

A patina will be applied but due to the nature of the process, it will appear slightly different than the original. In reality, each piece cast will have slightly different colorations than the original. Bronze is appropriate for outdoor use, but eventually the patina will turn green.

Size: 20w x 20h x 4d inches (approximate)

bronze, limited edition of 10
(plus shipping, handling and insurance)

NOTE: A 50-percent downpayment is required to hold your reservation. It takes a minimum of 6 months to have a piece cast at a fine art foundry. I will notify you when the piece is finished and final payment will be due at that time. Once received I will ship the sculpture to you.

Please read the Terms of Sale for additional information.

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Due to variations in monitors, actual artwork may vary slightly in color than what appears on your screen.