Terms of Sale

If you are considering buying one of my images, 2D or 3D, the right to copy or use it in a commercial venture remains with me, Richard Arfsten, and is not part of the sale, unless that is expressly written in the bill of sale.

Maquettes are one-of-a-kind pieces, originally designed as the model for yet-to-be-built larger sculptures. You are purchasing the maquette only ... not the rights to have other sculptures fabricated from it, nor the rights for any commercial use. Those rights remain with me, Richard Arfsten, the artist.

There is a possibility that sometime in the future someone might want me to make a larger version. Therefore, I would need to use the maquette for reference. Should you be willing to loan it back to me, I will refund your purchase price. Once the project is completed, I will return the maquette to you. In the end, you get the maquette at no cost and the value of it will have greatly increased. There is no obligation to loan it back to me, however. To get more information, please contact me.

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© 2009 Richard Arfsten

Due to variations in monitors, actual artwork may vary slightly in color than what appears on your screen.