Father Earth
This bas relief sculpture was the result of several experimental casting processes. The face was modeled in wax and the leaves were taken from a variety of foliage native to Birmingham, Alabama, where the piece was cast.

This piece is cast iron and is currently one-of-a-kind, but I would consider making it as a bronze limited edition.

I am offering the original for $4,500. If someone purchases it before an order for a limited edition is taken, I will not proceed with casting the edition. This will increase the value of the original tremendously.

Please read the Terms of Sale for additional information.

Size: 2-foot diameter

$4,500.00 (original)
(Black carbon finish - for indoor use. It will rust if used outdoors.)

$2,500.00 (bronze - edition)
(Indoor or outdoor use - various patinas available, natural bronze finish will eventually turn green)

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