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Bloom Again Logo
Flowers crafted from recycled
metal for your home and yard

Smiley Face Barn
Richard Arfsten Farm Painting

Abstract Sculpture Collage from Original Website
Abstract Sculpture Collage
from my original website

Quorum Animated Sculpture
Land of Milk and Honey
2D Images


• Mailander Flatbed Offset Litho Proof Press

• Wagner Flatbed Offset Litho Proof Press 34x44

This is a better press for artistic printing than the Mailanders - much more versatile.

• Art Foundry

Complete equipment for bronze and aluminum casting. Ceramic shell, investment, sand casting, Petro Bond and evaporative pattern. Perfect for a college sculpture department or do=it-yourself sculptor.

• Art Studio

Complete art studio located in a leased building in an industrial park in Burlington, Wisconsin. Tons of art supplies available.

• Picture Frame Shop and Supplies

Picture framing equipment and hundreds of feet of framing sticks. Perfect for an artist who wants to frame his/her own work. Could also be used to teach picture framing in a school art department.

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I have always had an ambitious approach to life ... and to art ... make something happen every day ... but most of all have fun doing it! A sculptor first, and also working in 2D, I do my best to do just that. Unfortunately, I'm not getting any younger and my health and energy aren't what they used to be, which is why I'm liquidating some of my equipment and supplies. But I keep plugging away! Presented here are examples of some of my work.

My sculpture runs the gamut from abstract, to figurative, to architectural. The materials and methods used are diverse ... from figures modeled in clay or wax, then cast in pewter or bronze ... to aluminum maquettes (produced by evaporative pattern casting) which serve as the 3D blueprints for the pieces that are enlarged and fabricated from steel.

My 2D pieces range from abstract to figurative. You’ll find Originals done in oils or acrylic, one-of-a-kind monotypes, collages, mixed media paintings, and more ... I love working in all mediums. I also offer high-quality Reproductions (giclees and lithographs) of some of my work.

I literally have hundreds of pieces of work. I have many pieces presented here and on various other art sites, as listed at the top of this page. I hope my art brightens your day ... perhaps it can add some zest to your home or office as well.

I would also be happy to discuss the availability of my work with architects, interior designers, corporate buyers and facility managers for purchase or rental.


Richard Arfsten


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